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January 2017 UMV Meeting Minutes

January’s meeting started at 7:15pm and was held at the Legion in Orleans on January 4, 2017.

There were 7 Members , 5 officers present.

The Secretary reports and Treasures report was read and accepted .

Harley Raffle

  • Discussion was had on corn and coleslaw again
  • Discussion was had as a reminder that only ticket holders (name has to be on the ticket) are eligible for all
  • 2nd chance drawing. Owners will have a silver band on.
  • Mike will pick up the 2 $50 gas cards as 4th and 5th prizes
  • We will meet at 2pm for set up.
  • ETA has confirmed the date/time with Holly

Toy Run

  • We will ask Phil Scott and Joe Benning to speak again
  • Jason will ask Dana Lesperance if his group would be willing to help with road dogs if needed. Miscellaneous
  • Joe will make a version of the t-shirt again using the same santa as last year


* Joe has finished the updates, Gabrielle will forward to schools. Meeting closed at 750.
Next meeting will be at the Hyde Park VFW starting at 7pm.

UMV December 2016 Meeting MInutes

Decembers meeting started at 7:30pm and was held at the VFW in Hyde Park on December 7, 2016. There were 5 Members , 5 officers present.
The Secretary reports and Treasures report was read and accepted .

Harley Raffle

  • Holly is still waiting to hear back on confirmation of menu options
  • Left message with ETA for confirmation
  • $50 Mobil gas cards will be purchased for the 3rd & 4th prize. Kevin motioned and Mike 2nd.
  • Holly will cook cookies again for desert
  • We left ticket #80 with Ron at the Hyde Park VFW asking him to give to a “worthy” Vet. Asked that he
    let Holly know the name so we know at the door.
  • There are 50 tickets still out (some are sold)

Toy Run Miscellaneous

Christmas cards were mailed to Police departments who helped with the Toy Run

Kevin moved and Mike 2nd to make a $500 donation to the Veterans Place. We will make the 2017 donation in the Spring on one of our Sunday rides and have everyone bring an item to donate


Joe will get the application updated and forward to me to get out in January.
Meeting closed at 800.

Next meeting will be at the Legion in Orleans on January December 4th starting at 7pm

UMV November 2016 Meeting Minutes

Novembers meeting started at 7:15pm and was held at the Orleans Legion on November 2, 2016. There were 6 Members , 4 officers present.

The Secretary reports and Treasures report was read and accepted .

Harley Raffle

  • Olive Garden is another option
  • Holly will push TRH for menu options
  • No one other then ticket holders can purchase 2nd chance tickets
  • 3rd and 4th place prices $50 GC and 5th is car wash kit
  • Gab will get plates, table cover and tickets

Toy Run Miscellaneous

  • Discussion on supporting Turkey drive and Stuff a Truck food drive again for $200 each. Casey moved and Kevin 2nd.
  • Discussion on Scholarships: no age limit, can apply any time but only receive once and for VT residents only (don’t have to be attending in state school).
  • Discussion was had on scheduled rides. Decided to plan on the last Sunday of every month @ 10am, meeting at Maplefields in St Johnsbury off the interstate.

Meeting closed at 805.

Next meeting will be at Hyde Park VFW December 7th starting at 7pm

Join United Motorcyclists of Vermont

UMV October 2016 Meeting Minutes

Octobers meeting started at 7:00pm and was held at the Hyde Park VFW on October 15, 2016. There were 2 Members , 5 officers present.

The Secretary reports and Treasures report was read and accepted with one change in the Treasures report: a $185 deposit showed as a debit instead of a credit, it was corrected in the October balance.

Harley Raffle

  • Holly and Joe will look for boot warms up to a limit of $100.
  • Jason & Gabrielle will look to see what paper supplies are needed
  • Need to confirm ETA has event listed on their site and ask VFW to put on their board.
  • Jason and Clarence will make arrangements to pick up the bike

Toy Run Miscellaneous

  • Discussion was had on post office location– cost is $120 per year plus the cost of postage. They mail 1 time a week. Decided to leave in Montpelier for now, discuss again once we have better idea of what the postage runs us.
  • Joe is going to try to make Christmas cards similar to the Toy Run shirts, they will order some if they don’t have time
  • Read thank you letter from a scholarship parent.

Meeting closed at 740.

Next meeting will be at Orleans Legion November 2nd starting at 7pm

UMV September 2016 Meeting Minutes

September meeting started at 7:25pm and was held at the Orleans Legion on September 7, 2016. There were 5 Members , 4 officers present.

The Secretary reports and Treasures report was read and accepted.
Harley Raffle

Signed the contract with Hyde Park VFW for hall in January. Still trying to get alternative menus from TRH.

Toy Run

  • Discussion was had on who gets free t-shirts going forward. It was decided that members working at the event and the officers that escort will be the only ones receiving them.
  • Discussed concern with lack of traffic control at the 5 way intersection in Barre. Jason will ask Combat Vets if they would be willing to help with road dogs next year. Also discussed that we need to talk to Sam Hill about riding faster if he intends to participate next year– at least keep up with the lead police car.
  • Mike Burt is working on getting the Capital Building for next year.
  • Michelle Barton is willing to come back next year
  • We will need to consider placement of the music next year– it makes it to difficult to hear while selling

tshirts- need to purchase an additional tent as well. Miscellaneous

Richard brought up offering to pay for the VT Safety Course for new members if the are active members for 1 year. Some discussion was had about how to make this work– we will think about it and discuss again at the next few meetings.

Discussed practicality of having the PO box in Montpelier– getting stuff after event dates. Gabrielle will find out the cost of a box in Morrisville where mail could get picked up at a more regular interval. Holly will call Capital Paper to get a handle on what our actually annual cost is with them.

Meeting closed at 810.

Next meeting will be at Hyde Park VFW (remember it’s burger night) on October 5th starting at 7pm

UMV August 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 7:25 pm at the VFW in Hyde Park, VT.
3 officers and 5 members were present: Holly, Joe, Clarence, Donnie, Troy, Dave, Keith and Sed.
Treasurer’s report was read and accepted.

Harley Raffle
Dave suggested a boot/glove warmer as the final prize.
Texas Roadhouse has not replied about alternate food items
Make sure you keep Gabriel up to date on your tickets; you are responsible for the tickets issued to you, if you give them to someone else you must let Gabriel know.

Holly and Clarence will sign with VFW after the meeting for the hall for the raffle.

Tatro’s sent a donation in March with no note attached but it was for $125. Holly was able to confirm with Donnie that it is for a ticket and they don’t need a particular number.

Toy Run
Shirts folded and ready, thanks to Gabriel and Jason for the use of their place.

Phil Scott is confirmed, his Indian will be delivered to the staging area and he will arrive in time to ride to the State House.

Keith and Sed have tested the PA system with an MP3 player and it works great so we’ll finally have music at the staging area. They have not tested the system with a generator yet will keep working on that.

Troy suggested contacting Star 92 radio station, Sed will follow up. Holly will contact WDEV. Mike will call WCAX.

The convertible transporting Miss Vermont will be behind the UMV active member group (and Phil Scott) at the front of the procession to the State House. We don’t know if Phil has a security detail or not, the primary is the Tuesday before the Toy Run and we expect him to win.

Michele formerly of Busy Bee diner is ready to provide food at the BCBS staging area; she knows that we still have some water to sell ourselves.

Rick Diesel suggested that port-o-lets are not positioned along the entry route to the parking lot; Holly is contacting maintenance at BCBS about that.
Johnson Farm and Garden has donated toys, they’re at Donnie’s.

BACA – Bikers Against Child Abuse will have a table at BCBS. We haven’t heard from the Veteran’s Place.

We received thank you letters from Camp Takumta and from some of the scholarship recipients.

Coot’s Memorial Ride is Saturday, August 6, 2016. Be at the Lowell School at 11:00 am, kickstands up at 11:30 for the ride to the VFW in Hyde Park. The forecast is that the rain will stop early in the morning and it will be good weather for the ride. Reception is at noon at the VFW.
Meeting adjourned at 8:25.

Next meeting is Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at the American Legion in Orleans, VT.

UMV July 2016 Meeting Minutes

July’s meeting started at 7:05pm and was held at the Orleans Legion on July 6, 2016. There were 5 Members, 5 officers and scholarship guests present
The Secretary reports and Treasures report was read and accepted.

Harley Raffle
Still looking for $125-100 item for 2nd place and $50 items for 3rd & 4th place. Will use car wash kit as 5th place. Will ask Sed if she’s interested in working on.

Toy Run
T-shirts are in. Will meet at Jason & Gabs house Tuesday July 12th around 500 to fold them. Will order Pizza.
After much discussion it was decided to as Keith to rescind offer for Barb @ Wilkins to ride in the car during the Parade.

Joe will work on something to hand out to give “free” memberships at the Toy Run. Miscellaneous

Discussed and decided to donate $500 to Kamp TaKumta in honor of Coot and Marge. Mike moved, Phil 2nd. Clarence will get to the guy that brings the check down for us.

Meeting closed at 830.
Next meeting will be at Hyde Park VFW (remember it’s burger night) starting at 7pm

UMV June 2016 Meeting Minutes

Junes meeting started at 7:30pm and was held at the Hyde Park VFW on June 1, 2016. There were 5 Members , 5 officers and 1 guest present

The Secretary reports and Treasures report was read and accepted.

Harley Raffle

Jason will bring check to Green Mountain Harley to pay for bike in full on 6/4 (as approved in prior meeting). Agreed to try to get down there to set up some weekend in August. Jason will ask if we can use there grill and we will provide hotdogs etc.

Holly asked Texas Roadhouse for possible menu alternatives, still waiting for response. Discussion was had on food vendor. Sed moved to have Texas Roadhouse do meal again, consider menu alternatives when we get list/prices. Keith 2nd. Gabrielle will order tickets to have for next meeting.

Toy Run

Michelle Barton from Busy Bee in Glover will be food vendor. She will have coffee and donuts available. Mike confirmed Caulkins is all set for portalets. Sed still waiting to hear confirmation that new Ms Teen Vt will be riding in parade. We think Phil Scott will be joining us in the ride.
Joe Benning has agreed to lead from St Johnsbury and speak. Mike confirmed with Maplefields still ok to stage there this year. Keith will lead from Morrisville Mobil/Maplefields.

T-shirt design and color options were discussed. Black & White $6.92, Color $5.24, Razor back tanks $8.61.

Designed on Black & White and to pay $79.99 for licensing of Santa. Joe will get price/order regular tanks vs razor backs.

Will order 24” x 10’ banners- Thank You Blue Cross Blue Shield on 1 side and Join UMV on the other.
Green Mountain Drone will be at the Toy Run and provide us with some video. Charlie O’s is having a 30th party in remembrance of Rob Clark.

Sed will look into Front Porch Forums to advertise and work on radio/tv stations. Curtis will put together PSA to run at Johnson State College.


Joe, Sed and Keith will work on wording of scholarships, eligibility etc. Discussed putting on line for submissions.


Ted Burnell has ramp that he’s willing to sell to us for $75. Keith moved to purchase, Phil 2nd. Jason will get check to him and pick up ramps.

UVM Ride in July– will meet and leave Orleans at 430, pick up people in Barton at 5 and head to STJ to pick up anyone there.

Meeting closed at 8:45

Next meeting will be July 6th at Orleans Legion starting at 7pm.

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