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December 2017 UMV Meeting Minutes

December 2017 meeting was held on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at the VFW in Hyde Park, VT.

The meeting started at 7:30 pm. There were 3 officers and 3 members present.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. There were no guests.

The Secretary’s report (from November’s agenda) was read.

The Treasurer’s report was read and accepted. Note: to see a Treasurer’s report, come to a meeting.

Harley Raffle2018 Harley Raffle Tickets Stocking Stuffers
There are about 15 tickets left and some outstanding. Donnie has the tickets so if anyone wants one have them contact him or contact him yourself.

The margarita machine was purchased to use as a raffle prize.

Holly reports that Texas Roadhouse is all set.

Gabriel and Jason reported to Holly that we have paper plates and/or they will make sure we have enough.

Holly will ask that the VFW put the event on their marquee out front.

We need people to sell raffle tickets at the event.

Holly is updating the release form for the winner to include “winner must contact Green Mountain Harley within 30 days…”

Lorelei will bring trash bags, we should remember to bring containers or bags to deal with leftovers. There are usually a lot of rolls, butter and some pulled pork left. It is sometimes hectic trying to clean up and get out of the way for the VFW members. Sometimes they remember they need to be serving food during the event and we have to be out of their way.
2017 Christmas Card Proof
We received a nice thank you email/letter from a recipient. Gabriel will mail out the forms in January for 2018.

We got the Christmas cards and Holly will be mailing them soon.

Adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Next meeting Wednesday, January 3, 2018 at the American Legion in Orleans, VT. The Harley Raffle is the 13th.

May 2017 UMV Meeting Minutes

No hurries, no worries just ride...

May 2017 meeting was held on the 3rd at the Legion in Orleans, starting at 715. There were 5 members and 5 officers present

Secretary and Treasurers reports were read and accepted.

We only received 9 applications and 1 was not complete so we gave them to the remaining 8 applicants: Lake Region– Taylor Lawson, Margo Foster, Carly Boudreau, Savannah Glodgett, Katherine Whipple North Country– Katie Goulet, Thomas Maple
LI– Talon Pace

Holly will notify the students and Gabrielle will notify the schools Harley Raffle
Green Mountain Harley provided us with a price of $14500 ($500 more then last year). It was discussed, Phil moved and Mike 2nd to accept. Jason will let them know and get it ordered.
Discussion on band/DJ options was had. Decided to try to find a band, use DJ as last option. Jason & Gabrielle will try to check out Raized on the Radio (Old Nomad band) and report back. Phil will check to see if his brother has any suggestions.

Looking for raffle items again– electric bike was offered as an idea

Decided to give $50 to the ticket holder drawn right before we do the 2nd change raffles.

Still give $250 for 2nd place and the bike for 1st. Donnie moved, Casey 2nd.

Toy Run
Mike said parade permit is in order. Will contact Caulkins for port-a-lets Clarance confirmed with Michelle Barton she is in for doing food again. Jason confirmed Combat Vets will help with road dogs if needed.

Will give water away for donation to get rid of it.

Joe will work on Poster and T-Shirt ideas for the next meeting

We purchased a computer for UVM use on Amazon for $370.99 with tax.

Discussed what a quorum would mean to determine if we can hold a meeting and vote. Decided there must be 3 members and 4 officers present. Mike moved, Phil 2nd.

Will make a trip to the Vets home on July 10th with our annual donation and quilts.

Meeting Adjourned at 845

No hurries, no worries just ride...

March 2017 UMV Meeting MInutes

Every day is a good day for a ride

March meeting started at 7:00 pm and was held at the Legion in Orleans on March 1, 2017. There were 3 Members , 3 officers present.

The Secretary reports and Treasures report was read and accepted . Harley Raffle

• We made $1100 less then 2016, however the bike was $800 more and the food price was slightly higher.

• Clarence will check with the Knights in Hardwick about price for holding event there.
Next meeting will be at the Hyde Park VFW starting at 7pm.

Every day is a good day for a ride

February 2017 UMV Meeting Minutes

PMS Parked Motorcycle Syndrome

Februarys meeting started at 7:15pm and was held at the VFW in Hyde Park on February 1, 2017. There were 3 Members , 5 officers present.

The Secretary reports and Treasures report was read and accepted .

Harley Raffle
• Try to make sure ticket holder name(s) are legible…. If you can’t read it, please write their name on the stub before handing them in
• Had good response from people about ticket holders only being able to purchase 2nd change tickets, make sure we explain that clearly when we sell tickets this year. Possible put on the ticket?
• Discussed Phil possibly making raffle prize– “customized” hotdog/marshmallow sticks
• We will have a “I won the motorcycle now what” letter and copy of the release form for the winner going
forward to help alieve confusion for the winner after the excitement is over
• Holly will check in with ETA about next year, ask if its possible to play more of the classic rock/modern country
like the first year.
• Jason will check with GMH about a price for the bike
• Will try to have so we can get tickets handout at August meeting as always.
• Deposit was made for VFW space rental
Toy Run
• Holly has sent an inquiry to Gov Scott’s office about riding and speaking again. Will contact Joe Bennings office as well.
• Jason spoke with Combat Vets, they are willing to help with Road Guards is needed
• Holly will confirm with Red Knights that they are willing to help with the parking again
• Jason will confirm with GMH still ok with start place
• Reminder that we still need a new pop-up tent, will look this summer at Costcos/BJ
• Clarence will confirm with Michelle Barton of Busy Bee that she is still interested in doing the food concession.

• Veterans Place: keep them in mind when cleaning out household items. Ask professionals you work with to see if they will donate (dentist, eye drs etc)
• Decided to purchase a laptop for UVM’s use. Keep everything together, make change of secretary easier. Dave will get prices on mid level computer and different options for programs.

• Jason hand delivered them this year with a good response
• Decided it would be a good idea to let schools know directly when their students win. We will get something
printed up to give at award nights. Summer Rides.
• Will start promoting monthly rides on facebook.
• We will either decide on a route/destination the meeting prior to the ride or have someone volunteer to figure it
out so its semi-organized.
• Will keep it at STJ Maplefields for now see how it goes.

• Everyone agreed to stay for another year, secretary cast 1 vote for slate. Phil moved, Donnie 2nd.
• Phil will take Coot’s place on the board of directors with Casey Mosher and Mike Burt.

Next meeting will be at the Orleans Legion starting at 7pm.

PMS Parked Motorcycle Syndrome

January 2017 UMV Meeting Minutes

January’s meeting started at 7:15pm and was held at the Legion in Orleans on January 4, 2017.

There were 7 Members , 5 officers present.

The Secretary reports and Treasures report was read and accepted .

Harley Raffle

  • Discussion was had on corn and coleslaw again
  • Discussion was had as a reminder that only ticket holders (name has to be on the ticket) are eligible for all
  • 2nd chance drawing. Owners will have a silver band on.
  • Mike will pick up the 2 $50 gas cards as 4th and 5th prizes
  • We will meet at 2pm for set up.
  • ETA has confirmed the date/time with Holly

Toy Run

  • We will ask Phil Scott and Joe Benning to speak again
  • Jason will ask Dana Lesperance if his group would be willing to help with road dogs if needed. Miscellaneous
  • Joe will make a version of the t-shirt again using the same santa as last year


* Joe has finished the updates, Gabrielle will forward to schools. Meeting closed at 750.
Next meeting will be at the Hyde Park VFW starting at 7pm.

UMV December 2016 Meeting MInutes

Decembers meeting started at 7:30pm and was held at the VFW in Hyde Park on December 7, 2016. There were 5 Members , 5 officers present.
The Secretary reports and Treasures report was read and accepted .

Harley Raffle

  • Holly is still waiting to hear back on confirmation of menu options
  • Left message with ETA for confirmation
  • $50 Mobil gas cards will be purchased for the 3rd & 4th prize. Kevin motioned and Mike 2nd.
  • Holly will cook cookies again for desert
  • We left ticket #80 with Ron at the Hyde Park VFW asking him to give to a “worthy” Vet. Asked that he
    let Holly know the name so we know at the door.
  • There are 50 tickets still out (some are sold)

Toy Run Miscellaneous

Christmas cards were mailed to Police departments who helped with the Toy Run

Kevin moved and Mike 2nd to make a $500 donation to the Veterans Place. We will make the 2017 donation in the Spring on one of our Sunday rides and have everyone bring an item to donate


Joe will get the application updated and forward to me to get out in January.
Meeting closed at 800.

Next meeting will be at the Legion in Orleans on January December 4th starting at 7pm

UMV November 2016 Meeting Minutes

Novembers meeting started at 7:15pm and was held at the Orleans Legion on November 2, 2016. There were 6 Members , 4 officers present.

The Secretary reports and Treasures report was read and accepted .

Harley Raffle

  • Olive Garden is another option
  • Holly will push TRH for menu options
  • No one other then ticket holders can purchase 2nd chance tickets
  • 3rd and 4th place prices $50 GC and 5th is car wash kit
  • Gab will get plates, table cover and tickets

Toy Run Miscellaneous

  • Discussion on supporting Turkey drive and Stuff a Truck food drive again for $200 each. Casey moved and Kevin 2nd.
  • Discussion on Scholarships: no age limit, can apply any time but only receive once and for VT residents only (don’t have to be attending in state school).
  • Discussion was had on scheduled rides. Decided to plan on the last Sunday of every month @ 10am, meeting at Maplefields in St Johnsbury off the interstate.

Meeting closed at 805.

Next meeting will be at Hyde Park VFW December 7th starting at 7pm

Join United Motorcyclists of Vermont

UMV October 2016 Meeting Minutes

Octobers meeting started at 7:00pm and was held at the Hyde Park VFW on October 15, 2016. There were 2 Members , 5 officers present.

The Secretary reports and Treasures report was read and accepted with one change in the Treasures report: a $185 deposit showed as a debit instead of a credit, it was corrected in the October balance.

Harley Raffle

  • Holly and Joe will look for boot warms up to a limit of $100.
  • Jason & Gabrielle will look to see what paper supplies are needed
  • Need to confirm ETA has event listed on their site and ask VFW to put on their board.
  • Jason and Clarence will make arrangements to pick up the bike

Toy Run Miscellaneous

  • Discussion was had on post office location– cost is $120 per year plus the cost of postage. They mail 1 time a week. Decided to leave in Montpelier for now, discuss again once we have better idea of what the postage runs us.
  • Joe is going to try to make Christmas cards similar to the Toy Run shirts, they will order some if they don’t have time
  • Read thank you letter from a scholarship parent.

Meeting closed at 740.

Next meeting will be at Orleans Legion November 2nd starting at 7pm

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