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We are doing away with our printed newsletter. Please use our subscription form to enter or update your info. We’re still working on the details but we will be sending the monthly newsletter as an email in either HTML or text format. Right now you can download and view the Jan, Feb, Mar 2011 issue as a PDF document. The link is below.

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March 2014 – march-2014-newsletter.pdf
February 2014 – 022014-newsletter.pdf


June 2014 Minutes – UMVJune.pdf


March 2012 – march-2012-umv.pdf
February 2012 – feb-2012-umv.pdf
January 2012 – jan-2012.pdf


October, November and December 2011 – oct-nov-dec-2011.pdf
August and September 2011 – aug-sep-2011.pdf
June and July 2011 – jun-jul-2011.pdf
April and May 2011 – apr-may-2011.pdf
January, February and March 2011 – jan-feb-mar-2011.pdf