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January 2017 UMV Meeting Minutes

January’s meeting started at 7:15pm and was held at the Legion in Orleans on January 4, 2017.

There were 7 Members , 5 officers present.

The Secretary reports and Treasures report was read and accepted .

Harley Raffle

  • Discussion was had on corn and coleslaw again
  • Discussion was had as a reminder that only ticket holders (name has to be on the ticket) are eligible for all
  • 2nd chance drawing. Owners will have a silver band on.
  • Mike will pick up the 2 $50 gas cards as 4th and 5th prizes
  • We will meet at 2pm for set up.
  • ETA has confirmed the date/time with Holly

Toy Run

  • We will ask Phil Scott and Joe Benning to speak again
  • Jason will ask Dana Lesperance if his group would be willing to help with road dogs if needed. Miscellaneous
  • Joe will make a version of the t-shirt again using the same santa as last year


* Joe has finished the updates, Gabrielle will forward to schools. Meeting closed at 750.
Next meeting will be at the Hyde Park VFW starting at 7pm.