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UMV December 2016 Meeting MInutes

Decembers meeting started at 7:30pm and was held at the VFW in Hyde Park on December 7, 2016. There were 5 Members , 5 officers present.
The Secretary reports and Treasures report was read and accepted .

Harley Raffle

  • Holly is still waiting to hear back on confirmation of menu options
  • Left message with ETA for confirmation
  • $50 Mobil gas cards will be purchased for the 3rd & 4th prize. Kevin motioned and Mike 2nd.
  • Holly will cook cookies again for desert
  • We left ticket #80 with Ron at the Hyde Park VFW asking him to give to a “worthy” Vet. Asked that he
    let Holly know the name so we know at the door.
  • There are 50 tickets still out (some are sold)

Toy Run Miscellaneous

Christmas cards were mailed to Police departments who helped with the Toy Run

Kevin moved and Mike 2nd to make a $500 donation to the Veterans Place. We will make the 2017 donation in the Spring on one of our Sunday rides and have everyone bring an item to donate


Joe will get the application updated and forward to me to get out in January.
Meeting closed at 800.

Next meeting will be at the Legion in Orleans on January December 4th starting at 7pm