Dedicated to motorcycle safety, education, awareness, pro-motorcyclist legislation and individual freedom.

Hey, listen up…

We here at UMV are striving to make this Organization a strong voice for motorcyclists’ rights. It takes an unbelievable amount of time to go to these events and push our cause. Alot of times it seems like we are not getting anything done. Yet through the fog of politics, every now and then we see a light of hope, only to be dashed because of lack of support behind us.

We have over 100 members and yet when we show up at Montpelier, or different forums to express ourselves, it is always the same 8-10 people.

While we love riding and doing our fundraisers (Harley Raffle and shirt sales, etc.) the core group is getting exhausted. This is everyone’s Organization. Please try to put forward an effort to help out on some of our events. We don’t need everybody at every event, but we could use some more help.

This will only make UMV stronger. Our main events are the Harley Raffle in January and the Toy Run in August.

But throughout the year we do show up at various rallies, pushing our message. We know people come to these because we always sign up new members.

Please come to a meeting or volunteer at a run. We really can use your help and you will be an asset to our Organization.

Our meetings are at the VFW in Hyde Park off Route 15, and at the American Legion in Orleans. All UMV members are welcome to attend. Check our website or your newsletter for dates and site info!

Thank you,
The UMV Staff