Upcoming Events 2015


The 29th Annual UMV Toy Run – Saturday, August 8, 2015

29th Annual United Motorcyclists of Vermont Toy RunMark your calendars, the 29th Annual Toy Run is coming up. We’ll be staging at the Blue Cross parking lot – like always, on the second Saturday of August – like always and riding to the State House in Montpelier – like always.

The Toy Run is one of the biggest motorcycle events in Vermont every year. It’s a great way to collect donations for the kids at Shriners Hospitals for Children and a great way to raise motorcycle awareness while enjoying a ride with hundreds of other riders.

Annual Harley Raffle – Saturday, January 10, 2015 – thanks to everyone for another great year. The Annual Harley Raffle is our main fund-raising activity for the year and allows us to support our scholarship fund, Shriners Hospitals for Children, Camp Takumta, VNA & Hospice, our Vets and more. We couldn’t do it without you.

The winner was D.L. from Waterville, VT.

See you all at the Toy Run on Saturday, August 8, 2015, Kingdom Thunder on the weekend of August 22-23, 2015 and next year’s 15th Annual Harley Raffle on Saturday, January 9, 2016. Or, you can come to our monthly meetings, go for a ride with us…

Thanks For Another Great Toy Run

Here are most of the pics we took at the Toy Run, see if you can find yourself. If you need a high resolution copy for printing, let us know, they’re free for members.

Annual Toy Run – Saturday, August 9, 2014 – the Toy Run is always the 2nd Saturday on August. [more]

WCAX reported on the Toy Run this year. The video is not up on their site (yet?) but there is an article and a couple of pictures.

Note: if you are not a member, you should be. No welfare riders here. If you are a member and think there is something wrong or missing from the site or our Facebook page, congratulations. You have enough time and knowledge to correct it. This is your page. Contact us and let us know what level you are going to participate at and we’ll set you right up.

March 2015 Meeting Minutes

March meeting started at 7:00pm and was held at the Orleans Legion . There were 6 Members, 4 officers and 1 guest (Bill Morse) present

The Treasurer & Secretary reports was read and excepted.

Harley Raffle
Road Trash band called about possibility of doing HR next year. Discussion was had on moving event from the VFW. Discussion was had on a Margarita machine for the raffle item.

Toy Run
We will sell water at the toy run this year, ask Vt Heritage Spring Water. Holly asked Red Knights for help again this year. Need ideas for free membership round up.

Kingdom Thunder:
Discussion on moving KT bank to just 1 day event. Made by Kevin seconded by Jeff.

AMA has new bill about bad fuel, go to the site and make complaints.


Meeting adjourned at 807pm.

January 2015 Meeting Minutes

January meeting started at 7:15pm and was held at the Orleans Legion . There were 9 Members, 5 officers present

The Treasurer & Secretary reports was read and excepted.

Harley Raffle
Donnie will call Ronnie at the VFW to open the hall at 1pm. Holly confirmed that the Gift Certificates for 3rd to 5th place winners are all set. Confirmed $10 at the door for the dance and $25 for dinner and dance.

Toy Run
Will be 8/8 this year. Jeff Cota suggested offering free memberships to everyone at the toy run this year as a way to gather info. Only as a one time thing. It was discussed, Jeff Cota moved, Jeff Harper 2nd. It was passed. Would like to see Shriners at Blue Cross Blue Shield again this year. We will only order the number of shirts that we sold last year.

Kingdom Thunder:
Vendors will be able to set up for free this year. Any sponsor can set up as well. Jeff Cota will get us construction routes so we can better plan this years route. Jason might have a lead on a free tent, will try to get confirmation for next meeting. Sponsorship/ad sheets were handed out.



Meeting adjourned at 825pm.

UMV Meeting Minutes Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Present: Holly, Joe, Clarence, Phil, Kevin, Casey

VFW Hyde Park, VT – 7:15

Secretary’s report read by Holly – read minutes of January meeting. Kevin motion to accept, Phil seconded

Clarence gave Treasurer’s report, raffle made money, see treasurer’s report. VFW went up ~$200

We do not expect to get $100 deposit back from VFW, we do not sweep and mop the floor after the raffle. Casey made motion to accept, seconded by Phil, all approved.

Election – Kevin made motion for secretary to cast one vote for existing slate, seconded by Phil, all approved.

Officers are: President – Holly, Vice President – Jason, Secretary – Gabriel, Treasurer – Clarence, Sgt. at Arms – Joe. After consulting our rules we elected Jason and Gabriel in absentia.

Harley Raffle -Phil suggested spacing tables differently. Some people left early because VFW staff started clearing early. Band is good to listen to, not to dance to? Phil mentioned that the lead singer was sick and was probably why. Mike took the barrel home to fix the hinge.

We pay VFW bartenders 3:30 – 12:30, dance ends at midnight, last song was about 11:20.

We’ll need to discuss with VFW that they should not be clearing tables and dumping people’s drinks early. Starting to clean up gives the signal that it’s over and people start leaving because of it.

Scholoarships – need a quiet place not like Texas Roadhouse, due end of March.

Toy Run – Mike probably has everything under control. T-shirt info sent out to schools? Only order number of shirts we sold last year. Get Red Knights to do parking again. We will get bottles of water to sell.

Speakers at State House? – Phil Scott, Joe Benning…

Free memberships at Toy Run, Casey suggested we do it every couple years, not every year.

Holly wants Shriners at the BCBS parking lot. And she would rather not lead the group from Morrisville. We can get Wade, Keith or Troy to do it.

Kingdom Thunder – We have sponsor sheets, may not get big tent. Help clean up the fair grounds week before. If Gabriel and Jason do leave, we are not prepared to continue KT.

Some talk about un-organized get togethers for members – go camping somewhere and hang out for a night or weekend.

Phil made motion to adjourn, second by Kevin, all agreed. Adjourned at 8:10.

December 2014 Meeting Minutes

December meeting was held at the Hyde Park VFW and started at 715 with 8 members and 4 officers present.

Treasures report and Secretary reports were both read and accepted

Harley Raffle
Discussed $50 gift cards to Texas Roadhouse for 3-5 place prizes. Kevin moved and Troy 2nd. Holly with coordinate with Lila. We will meet the day of the Raffle at 1pm at VFW for set up. Discussion was had on putting the name of the band on the tickets next year if its know when the tickets are printed. Also discussed making up posters next year. Will do arm length of tickets for raffle item for $5.

Still had 72 tickers outs, since not everyone was there, not sure how many tickets we have left to sell. Some discussion was had on ticket price and bike size. More will be had at January meeting,

Monty discussed helmet law progress. Also discussed his efforts and results with Freeze Out. Said donations had been down. Casey moved and Jeff Cota 2nd to donate $500 toward the effort and help with food needs at Vets home in Bennington. Clarence wrote a check to Abate VT.

Donnie’s Christmas party will be 12/13 at 630 at his house.

Meeting was adjourned at 830