Upcoming Events 2014


Annual Harley Raffle – Saturday, January 10, 2015, sure it’s not in 2014 but the tickets will go on sale this year and sell out this year just like they always do. [more]

UMV 14th Annual Harley Raffle 2015

Thanks For Another Great Toy Run

Here are most of the pics we took at the Toy Run, see if you can find yourself. If you need a high resolution copy for printing, let us know, they’re free for members.

Annual Toy Run – Saturday, August 9, 2014 – the Toy Run is always the 2nd Saturday on August. [more]

WCAX reported on the Toy Run this year. The video is not up on their site (yet?) but there is an article and a couple of pictures.

Note: if you are not a member, you should be. No welfare riders here. If you are a member and think there is something wrong or missing from the site or our Facebook page, congratulations. You have enough time and knowledge to correct it. This is your page. Contact us and let us know what level you are going to participate at and we’ll set you right up.

February 2014 Meeting Minutes

Download the February 2014 Newsletter.

Meeting was held at the VFW in Hyde Park and started at 7:10 on February 12th (a week late due to the storm the week prior). There were 6 members and 4 officers.

Secretaries report was read and accepted and Donnie will find out about the question on the Harley Raffle totals for the Treasures report.

Elections: Donnie was thanked for his service and contributions to the group as he stepped down from President. The following officers were voted in: Holly Wilkins– President, Jason Renault– VP, Clarence Wheeler– Treasurer, Gabrielle Renault– Secretary and Joe Wilkins– Sergeant at Arms. One vote was given by the secretary.
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2014 Election Results

On Wednesday, February 12, 2014 we had our annual elections. The voting had been postponed a week due to snow the previous Wednesday.

The results are:
President: Holly Wilkins
Vice President: Jason Renault
Treasurer: Clarence Wheeler
Secretary: Gabrielle Renault
Sgt. At Arms: Joe Wilkins

Congrats and good luck to all.