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Monthly archive for May 2011

Be a real hero

Think you have to do something incredible to be a real hero? There’s something you can do, the next time you get in your car! Before you pull out of your driveway, before you make that left turn into the store, before you accelerate from the stop sign; make sure you look twice for an oncoming motorcyclist.

That’s all it takes. Because more than half of motor vehicle/motorcycle crashes occur because the car or truck driver drove into the path of the motorcycle. Almost 90% of the car or truck drivers say “they never saw the motorcycle” yet the collision happened.

Motorcyclists are not ‘deserving’ of these risks, just because they chose to ride a motorcycle. Motorcyclists contribute to State revenue just as car or truck drivers do, with registration, tax, title and inspection fees; however they impact the road less due to their lighter weight. They use less fuel and get more miles for that fuel. They conserve parking space.

Motorcycles have a slim silhouette compared to a car or truck, but they have at least one large headlight and sometimes 3 headlights, plus extra driving lights for more visibility. Motorcyclists are aware that they aren’t as visible as larger motor vehicles and try to position themselves for their greatest safety and visibility.

Most motorcyclists are not the Hollywood image of suspect criminals and lower society citizens. Our motorcycles are not our primary transportation; they are our seasonal transportation choice and can be more expensive than a car. We have jobs, or are retired and enjoying our lives. Most motorcyclists look and act like ordinary people. We are your doctor, ER nurse, your lawyer or accountant; your bakery owner, landscaper, daycare provider or hairdresser. All we want is to safely share the beautiful roads of Vermont.

So…be a real hero, everyday. Just by looking twice for motorcycles.